This book is a collection of true stories and photographic portraits of men and women called Jesus.


In these pages you will meet Jesus struggling for indigenous rights; Jesus risking his life to protect land from mining; Jesus surviving domestic violence; Jesus who survives by recycling what can be found on rubbish dumps; atheist Jesus; politician Jesus; gay Jesus; disappeared Jesus and dying Jesus. The book highlights political and social aspects of life in Honduras, a country submerged in poverty, violence and corruption. And the book is about finding Jesus among our neighbours, about finding something sacred in the people around us.


A5 photo-book, 96 pages, paper-back.

The Real Face of Jesus


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    Sean Hawkey is a British documentary photographer whose work has been published widely in newspapers and magazines around the world. Born in the UK, he lived in Central America for 12 years and has worked with many organisations on humanitarian assistance and human rights. Find out more here.

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